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Olexor – IT Service Provider Qatar

We don’t just build websites and apps. We build your brand. Because what we make are tools that help you communicate with your customers and build relationships with them. And with 5 years of experience and we have become extraordinarily good at it. We are fast. We are adept. We are Olexor.

To be a leader in cloud computing services and mobile application development.

To help small and large businesses claim their digital presence, in an affordable, reliable and smart way.

Olexor Pvt. Ltd. is a company that specialises in web, mobile development and hosting. We also offer SEO and design services.We began as a website development start-up. But the drive and passion to take the lead space helped us expand our arsenal, and later on, to set up Olexor. Now we are a multifaceted company helping businesses make their mark in the digital space. We operate out of Dubai and have been extending expertise to a vast clientele across the Middle East, USA and the whole of India.



+974 55339143

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