IP Solutions Manager

Job description

1. As Pre-sales, present Huawei network solution to the customer. Transfer the customer requirement to technical requirements, design the solution, select the right products, and design the quotation independently.
2. As Solution Manager, understand the trend of the ICT, especially IP network domain, promoting the products and solution with sales in proper way, build the weapon to fight with competitors.
3. As Solution Manager, understand the IP network solution dedicated for specific industry, as guider, to engage the sales team or partner to promote the products and solution in the industry such as Public sector and security, Education, Energy, FSI, Transportation and so on.
4. As solution manager, develop the professional IP network partner, transfer the knowledge and skill make sure the partner can design, present Huawei solution as well.

Desired Skills and Experience

Business Skills Requirements:
1. Excellent experience in Qatar Market to develop the business(skills of Market to develop).
2. Excellent experience in Management the team and develop the team talent(skills of Management the team ).

Professional Knowledge Requirement:
1. Deeply understood the IP technology such as Unicast, Multicast, OSPF, BGP etc. protocol.
2. Software-Defined Network Campus and Data center
3. Cyber Security


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